Improvement ideas wanted!

Do you have any ideas on how this site/messageboard can be improved to:

* Make it even better?
* Make it more userfriendly?
* Get more users to use it?
* Improve the user experience?
* What needs to be improved?
* What is missing?

Any ideas? then you are welcome to post it here or send me an email and I will do what I can to get them implemented!



  • Maybe adding a chat section would be a good idea, so that we can deal directly with each other. Possibly expanded with the ability to save a log of the chat session as a thread?
    Ben Martin :-D

  • I agree that a chat would be a great addition.

    Anyone who has seen a great chat solution on another site? I might need some help to select the best chat solution....


  • How about the ability to see who's online based on whether the user is logged in or not? You can give user's the option of blocking this information from their settings, but if you post a new message in a thread that is dealing primarily with a few users, then it would be useful to know if you even have a chance of hearing from that user in the next few minutes. Of course, if you had the chat room option, then this would be unnecessary, since you could just sign into the chat room and discuss with whoever is there.

    I used to use a chat room at which had a main room, plus a bunch of smaller ones. However, the chat room is not currently active. I suppose you could try contacting the webmaster there for more info on how it was set up.

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