SuperCool ZIP Backup is a file backup utility

SuperCool ZIP Backup is a file backup utility. It can store backup copies in the standard Zip format. You can use any drive in your system to store the backup file.You may keep as many backup versions as you wish. Features are:
1. The backup content and the rules can be saved as a project. Thus backup process can be repeated easily.
2. The backup files can be stored in the standard Zip format, so you can use any Zip compression tool to operate with backup files.
3. SuperCool Zip Backup supports inclusion and exclusion of files by wildcard mask as well as by exact file name. So new files, matching an entered mask, will be included to or excluded from a new backups without any care.
4. You may keep as many backup versions as you wish. SuperCool Zip Backup can auto create a backup file name for each backup.
5. SuperCool Zip Backup can schedule backup creation. You can auto backup a project in a specified time .
6. You can browse the details of Zip backup files conveniently.
7. You can protect a backup file with a password.
8. You can add a comment to backup file.

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