I have a homework assignment. Part of it is to generate pascals triangle. But here's the problem. The normal solution is recursive. That was an earlier assignment. We have to eliminate the recursion by using a stack object that we created in a previous part of the homework. That would be no problem, I understand that. The problem is, I added the class a bit late, and missed the original homework. So now I don't have the recursive code for it. Because of that, I cannot see how the code works, I don't understand how to make the triangle because the explanation was in the previous homework. I'm sure that many many schools give pascals triangle as homework. some of you should be familiar with it(if not tired of seeing it). Can you give me the recursive method? I can handle it from there.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!!


  • You're right, we all pass throught it at school. But why don't you ask to your collegue in your class? There's no shame about that and they will surtainly help you!!!!!

    Or ask to someone who had that course last year! He might pass you the whole stuff!

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