Security package problem


Does anybody know, what can cause the following problem?
OS: Windows 98
Two DLLs are loaded into single process. One of them is a COM-server (lets call it as "server"). The second one is a "client" for that "server".
The "client" gets an interface from the "server" and tries to call some methods. And it is very strange that only one method fails with 0x8001011A ("No security packages are installed on this machine or the user is not logged on or there are no compatible security packages between the client and server"). All other methods work properly.
As I can see from trace (I have placed them in this method) - it does everithing right and return NOERROR (0), but the "client" receives that 0x8001011A HRESULT. :-(

The same code on NT or Win2K works fine. What can differ on Win98.
Any assumption is welcoming.

Thanks, Sergey.
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