Can Someone Help A Newbie?

Hello. I have never programmed anything in my life but it sounds really interesting. I know it takes a lot of stuff and schooling. BUt I really would like to start teaching myself as much as I can now. I am really interedted in the game programming stuff. I was wondering if anyone can tell me where I should start? What programs should I use? What books to buy? Thanx


  • Hi Titus, I share a common intrest with you.

    I also want to learn programming for the fun of it and for the money.

    As soon as I lay my hands on relevant books I will let you know.

    You can also keep me posted of your progress.Thanks.

  • Hi!

    To start programming first you must be sure that you would like to focalize your life in studying. Nothing is the last thing you will hear about programming and nothing is the last thing you can invent.

    Ethical and No-money-intrested Programmers follow some rules:

    1- Give help whenever you are asked for it.

    2- Never insult another programmer when there are people who are not programmers.

    3- Do not copy programm codes (piratery).

    4- Do not say that you invented something when you really didn't.

    5- Keep always studying new things about programming.

    6- Make courses on the net whenever you can.

    Start learning C/C++. Buy a book and a compiler (I suggest you DJGPP)

    You should also learn more about computers (Inner working), and after one year you will be able to do what you want and learn anything on your own.

    REMEMBER: If you have any question, come here and ask it. If you see that someone need help and you can help him then HELP HIM!.

    Salutations from Uruguay,

    P.S.: Answer this message :)

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