In a fix!!!

In the man pages for tar, I discovered the following option:


I understand that this option is meant for creating an archive of a directory on a magnetic tape mounted on a drive.

But initially I mistook it for creating an archive of a directory in a file on the system.

So instead of the command

tar cvf

I gave the command
tar cvf -C

and ended up creating an archive of the directory in -C!!!

Now, I can neither delete this guy nor rename him as both rm and mv will throw error, if the file name or the source as the case may be, begins with -.

How to get out of this fix?


  • If you have a graphical desktop, you should be able to delete this file with the file-browser. If you have to do it from the command line, try somthing like this:

    rm -i -C

    Why -i ? Becasue if it doesn't work, this will save you from deleting the wrong file.

    Also try

    rm -i "-C"

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