Hello All

Hi All,

Well, I'm the new moderator for the CGI Development board. I look forward to some great discussions about CGI development on here. For anyone who is interested, a little bit about who I am and what kinda things I know about.

Firstly, my name is Jonathan Worthington, I am from the north east of England, and I study Maths, Physics & Computing at a college there. Out of college, I work doing web development for my company, JWCS.NET Ltd, write and mix music, and do youthwork.

I've been programming for about 9 years now (I started young!) and in that time have worked in various languages. Over the last few years I turned to studying web development as there was money there. Note that up until I started at college, I was entirely self taught on stuff. Anyway, what do I know about fairly well?
- Perl
- SQL (use MySQL most regularly)
- Apache
- Dreamweaver
- Visual Basic
- QBasic (I'm a bit rusty now, but it's what I started off on)
- Logo (this thing got me into programming...still remember it now...)

And I have done bits and pieces with:-
- C/C++
- Xitami

I know bits about UNIX/Linux, particularly basic shell commands and permissions. I know other assorted fragments of stuff to...they always come in useful.

And that's me. Bored? :)

Enjoy your day,


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