memory Leak using Windows ACM

I have an application like a ip phone, which sends audio packets using RTP
But it happens that when, voice is through, I have a lot of memory leak
I have encapsulated all my malloc,free in a wrapper and removed those leaks
so I doubt that this leak is happening when I am calling the windows ACM API functions ..
since it starts, only when voice packets are going thrug

Actually, i am using WAVE_FORMAT_PCM for recording the sound,
then I am using the mixer to convert this to format WAVE_FORMAT_PCMU or PCMA..but somewhere I am getting a big memory leak

I am using functions like waveInOpen(),waveInprepareHeader()...
also using acmstreamopen(),acmdriveropen(), acmstreamprepareheader,

I am able to hear voice throught, but there is this memory leak...

Can somone please help me as to what can be done ???
if someone has faced this problem before pls tell me
or is someone nkows some place , where I can find help also tell me


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