Intel Processor Clock-cycle calculation

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a document that lists

the number of clock cycles each instruction takes

depending on the operands or processor or whatever.

I've got a copy of the Intel developer cd-rom from the

website but it doesn't seem to have this info. or if it

does I can't seem to find it. Anyways, if anyone has

any info. regarding this it would be appreciated.



  • You can find these listed in the "Ralph Brown's Interrupt List" (file "OPCODE.LST"), for all processors (up to Pentium). There is a link to an on-line version in the "Assembler" forum. I don't remember from were I downloaded it, but you can search the Net for "INTER59A.ZIP" (and INTER##B..G .ZIP; 7 parts in 7 archives).

    However, note that because of the architecture of newer precessors (2 pipelines, unordered/ speculative execution), "real-world" timings are extremely variable. From Intel, I have dowloaded some time ago the "Intel Architecture Optimization Manual" (doc # 242816), that lists how instructions pair and their breakdown by microoperations; this can give you an idea of how fast is executed each instructions. I expect this to be present on the CD (and downloadable from Intel's site).

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