parser will not parse Unicode(LPWSTR) buffer

(MSXML parser on windows 2000 using Visual C++ 6)

I have an XML document that I have tried parsing with every encoding
available to Notepad, and have come to the conclusion that I can only parse ANSI characters when I pass the document CONTENT into parsers. This doesn't apply when I pass in a filename, everything works as it should, but in this circumstance I can't do that. The only reason I can determine that it works only under ANSI is because when the file is encoded via Unicode there is a character at the beginning of the file that is there to denote Unicode encoding. that one character renders me inable to parse my CComBSTR or seemingly anything else I try to stick this string into the parser when I have this document's contents loaded into a CComBSTR.

Can someone please tell me the appropriate steps to load file contents from a Unicode-encoded XML document into a buffer and have the buffer's contents parsed?


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