Any one know or have any FileTransfer code for


  • : Any one know or have any FileTransfer code for

    You might like to check out the following class methods in the online help. Start with System.IO and look at the following methods:
    System.IO.Directory.Move(source, destination) Moves a whole dir at once
    System.IO.File.Copy(source, destination) Copies a single file
    System.IO.File.Move(source, destination) Moves a single file

    Also check out MS Knowledge Base Article 306666 titled "HOW TO: Recursively Search Directories by Using Visual Basic .NET" at;en-us;306666
    See the section titled "Directory Recursion" and just substitute System.IO.File.Copy or System.IO.File.Move methods as above.

    Example from the article:

    This copies files from a folder and its sub-folders into the specified destinationPath (note: it does not recreate sub-folders):

    Sub DirSearch(ByVal sDir As String, destinationPath as String)
    Dim d As String
    Dim f As String

    For Each d In Directory.GetDirectories(sDir)
    For Each f In Directory.GetFiles(d, txtFile.Text)
    File.Copy(f, destinationPath)
    DirSearch(d, destinationPath)
    Catch excpt As System.Exception
    End Try
    End Sub

    Hope its enough for you to get the idea and get started.
    'System.IO.Directory.Move' is the simplist method if you're looking for a quick answer, but it obviously deletes the source files.
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