Where do I start?

O.K. I am fairly intelligent when it comes to using computers. I want to learn how to program. Where do I start? I am extremely bored, and I want to learn. Thanks in advance for any replies.


  • OK if you wanna program in Windows learn Visual Basic first, then learn Visual C++. If ya wanna program in DOS then learn pascal or basic then C/C++. If ya want more help mail me !!

  • what OS do you wanna try to program to? if u'r a linux user, u already got GCC installed, else, i suggest you take DJGPP (a port of gcc for DOS32, kinda)

    now, start learning some C

    mail me for some online text refrence, i have a list somewhere buried here...

  • If you want to learn a programming language, start with an easy language like BASIC or Pascal. If you decide to jump into C++ or all they way to Assembly, buy a book on it. Example code and explanations are much easier to use from a book than from a dreadful Windows "help" file. If you are pretty sure about programming, buy a compiler (like an old Borland Pascal or Watcom C/C++). Go to Media Play, they have many programming packages with a greate range of prices from $30 to $600.

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