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I am not sure if this is right place to post my request for help, so if I am wrong redirect me to right place. I am curently volunteer working with wasp-view project for partly blind children. My background in programming is little so I know that this might sound like stuped question. What I need is program or advice how to make one which extracts coordinats for objects from memory addresses and then connects them to wasp-view system. I have pretty good idea how to connect the program with wasp, but I have no idea how to do the first part or for that matter where to start. The system itselfs will enable children with damaged vision to play games (thats why I posted it here).

Any advice anybody will be apretiated.

ps: My english is not top quality - so excuse my lack of corect verbal expresions...


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    Firstly, what is wasp-view? Secondly there are many ways to extract coordinates from a file, the simplest is that the file contains a number describing how many coordinates there are and then you only read coordinate per coordinate till you have read the right ammount of coordinates and stop. There is another method you could use; if the file [b]only[/b] contains coordinates you can read coordinate per coordinate till you reach the end of the file.

    To give you the best advice, however, I need to know what language you are programming in and if you have any file reading/writing experience.

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  • wasp-view : is a project headed by Bergen university which is basicly a attempt to give people with damaged sight improved sight and los.
    This is achieved by sending a impulse to the eye-nerve (if this is not damged). Since I am student in comunications I can not give you medical explanations but I hope you get the picture. wasp-view includes a visir/helmet (which I am assisting with) and it has its own (object-oriented) language (wich I learn at the moment).
    I am new to the programming so I have almost noen experiance with object-oriented languages - I am planning to use c++ because it is easiest to implement with wasps own language. However I have people around me ,also volunteers who have the wastly better experiance than me in c++ programming.

    File reading should not be the problem (of course the trouble is to get right information).
    I always thought I had to make program which has to handle ram-reading (because some of the data, expecially training-sessions for patiens would be on network bases), but you are mentioning the file reading (Does that implicates that every program have file somewhere which is handling coordinates?)

  • No, all programs have their own solutions, but normally a program has a package file that comes with it containing the information about coordinates and all. The program loads it into RAM from where it has fast access to the data.

    Handling the RAM is not too hard with C++, all you need to do is define your pointers and then allocate memory for them through 'new' or 'malloc' (malloc is normally not used any more).

    If you are worrying about handling RAM I can tell you that you'll probably not have to bother about it at all. When the C++ compiler compiles the program it makes instructions for that automatically.

    This is how you allocate memory in C++:

    char* pointer;
    pointer = new char[64];
    delete[] pointer;

    What the code above does is to allocate 64 chars in computer memory so that you may use it in your program but it's of great importance that you free that memory later by using delete[].

    You will probably be working a lot with pointers and I can hardly tell you all that you need to know. You'll have to read about them on the internet or in a book or get tutored by a friend or teacher.

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