Creating Multiple Selection list in script! Need Help


I've made a script file where i create a multiple select box.
Now when i click on it, and highlight some and want to save it
it won't work correctly.
when i click on the first option, my alertbox says selected is false
when i click again on the first option the alertbox says selected is true.
This problem is only created by the first option in the list. The other options goes oke when i click on it.

Now when i create again a alert after the first alert.
it's says selected is true, so the problem is solved when
there is a alert box in the code. But people aren't waiting for a
alert box when they select options. Does anyone know how to solve
this problem, it's really strange. I hope you understand my problem.
The code need to lose focus first time and then get back to it and read it again i guess ?? but how can i do this in a fast way, so it won't slow down.

With kind regards,

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