Popup window with the same size as an image

I tried to write a script that, when the user click on a thumbnail image, it will popup a new window with the same size as the enlarged picture, and this is what I did:
var itemImg = new Image();
var win_width = 100;
var win_height = 100;
function PopupPhoto(img, name) {
itemImg.src = img;
win_width = itemImg.width + 20;
win_height = itemImg.height + 20;
var hWnd = window.open(img,name,"width="+win_width + ",height=" +win_height+",scrollbars=no");

What happened was that whenever I click the thumbnail image (the first time), it will popup a small window with weird small size and the "enlarged version" of the picture has also strunk for no reason. This problem does not persist when i click the thumbnail the second time though. Anything wrong with the script?
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