How can i see if the frame is loaded???


How can i see if the frame is loaded or is loading???

I have two frames, in both of the frames i have javascript but the problem is that if the first frame is loaded but the second is loading that the first frame call to the second frame and there is a error becouse the second frame isn't yet loaded. How can a check if the second frame is loaded?

Alex Elderson


  • one way to overcome this problem is a theory called DanTags, place a tag, or in otherwords a variable, in the first frame. now concerning the function in the first that calls something in the second frame, don't let that happen unless tag = *a certain value* which is set by the onLoad of the second frame.



    var tag //notice that the tag is outside of the function
    function openFunctionInFrame2() {
    setTimeOut("openFunctionInFrame2()", 250)
    //above line re-tests the value of tag in a quarter of a second
    } else {



    function functionName(){
    alert("do you understand where i am coming from?");

    this is just a quick jot out of my head, make sure you check all the syuntax, this will give you the basic idead
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