converting windows CR/LF's so that I don't get a '500 internal error'

if i download scripts and adjust them on my windows PC, and then upload them to my linux server they don't work, unless I replace the CR/LF's to, what I assume is linux' CR/LF. I know very little linux. is there an easy way to do this, such as a linux text editor for windows?


  • Hi!

    OK, on Windows we use a carraige return and a linefeed character to denote a new line, but on Linux they just use a single newline character (the equivalent to the windows linefeed character).

    Anyway, I presume you are uploading using FTP? If so, you need to find the setting that lets you switch between ASCII and Binary upload. Switch to ASCII upload mode and it will do all the "conversion" for you when you upload each file. Remember just to use ASCII mode for Perl scritps or other text documents, and not images and other binary files!

    Best of luck!


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