"WINAPI" identifier specs?

(... posted on C/C++ messageboard also ...)

I am new to Win32 C programming, and I

see there is an non-standard token

between the "return type" token and

"function name" token, WINAPI, which

is defined as _stdcall, which Charles

Petzoid cites as an identifier to

specify the calling convention, as

to the stack, for the function call.

Since this token appears to me to be

non-standard C (according to K&R),

I am wondering where (and when) did

Msoft fully describe and specify the

correct forms for this "calling convention"

identifier? WINAPI is only one of

a set of identifiers, I suppose, and

I am wondering where did Msoft reveal

the specs for any identifier that might

be coded here? I assume the other

pre-coded possibilities are in one

of the windows headers, but that still

doesn't serve as a definitive and

formal specification for this

deviation from standard C.

(...is changing a standard a habit

with msoft? or what?... no reply needed)


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