Available Software and Graphics Services

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Yamisoft Entertainment Inc. provides the following services:

Application Development for Microsoft Windows:

Whether it's a simple GUI application, version control software, graphic tools, or a competitive 3D engine, we have many years of Windows programming experience to make it happen. Art content is included.

2D and 3D Video Game Development for Microsoft Windows:

With 15 years of game development experience, chances are we can put together what you envision, whether it's a Tetris clone or a 3D RPG. We have significant experience in conceptual and technical design, game programming, tool development, and art content creation. We use the latest Microsoft DirectX technology and can also support Windows GDI and openGL if required.

Graphic Design and Art Content Production:

Yamisoft has some of the best art skills in the industry and we're able to apply that talent to anything from web page layouts and content to realistic 3D worlds.

Conceptual and Technical Documentation:

Whether you need to translate hardware functionality into layman terms or require textual content for a web page, we can help.

We strive to follow superior ethics and practice professionalism in order to render our services in an enjoyable and satisfactory experience for our clients. Our rates are kept below industry average. For more information, please visit our web site at http://www.yamisoft.com We look forward to helping you make it happen.

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