Future Technology solves bandwidth problems on WAP?

[size=4][b]Future Technology bandwidth problems solved for WAP?[/b][size]

Wireless Applications Protocol, WAP technology allows people via Mobile Phones to view information. Although this WAP is limited by technology some methods such as 3G, (third generation), devices may bring improvements.

If mobile phones and other devices are given an ability to transmit as well as receive they could be used as repeaters, and even as rooters. That is hey could receive data, boost it and then transmit that information to the next device. This could be carried out while the device was not in use. As the devices become more popular the signal strength of transitions could be reduced making them even safer. Future Technologies web site http://www.future.wizkids.co.uk

Future Technologies, is all about developing ideas that could only be dreamed about and even thought mad a few years ago. People flying at twice the speed of sound, hand held phones, the ability to talk to someone in a different country without travelling where all thought unbelievable.

It appears that what ever people have imagined has come reality, so far. Is their any thing that is not possible? Time travel is one thing that comes to mind. Scientists already claim they have made atoms beat the time barrier. Anti-gravity is the next idea ridiculed, the military may have developed anti-gravity aeroplanes but this is so "hush hush" that they are not able to release the news.

We now use the developments, for example mobile phones, as if they have been with us for many years. Such technologies are accepted by the general public quickly to become part of everyday life.

Technology is a tool to help people achieve undreamed of things. Could an average person have published their views to the world a few years ago? Now someone may publish their views to a website for all to see. This must increases people's freedom of expression.

Businesses also use the Internet see http://www.links.ukcompanies.org and this is helping the companies grow and survive in the modern world.

Business use the Internet to advertise employment positions see http://www.Iworkveryhard.co.uk because this method is able to reach a wide range of people with the skills they need quickly.

It was the printing press that brought about the improvements in education and moved forward the technologies we have today at http://www.future.wizkids.co.uk Future Technologies you will find links to electronic paper and ink that are being developed, this will result in a truly portable Internet and the exchange of information.

The freedom of the Internet gives to people freedom to express they views.

People are able to discover "The Secrets" of how technology functions and allows them to change and modify that technology. This give peoples more power to shape their own density. Once the Internet was only open to the Military now most people have access.

Demographic barriers are also being reduced via the Internet. Do you know where the information your reading now originates and do you care?

Social barriers will gradually reduce because of the freedom of information.

If you would like to view some cutting edge technology web sites which mention issues such as mobile-phone devices, anti-gravity, time travel, etc. then there are a lot of links at http://www.future.wizkids.co.uk

See http://www.greatportal.ukhome.net for Great links to great websites.

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