C++Builder4 and Web Browser

Does anybody know how to open "Default Web Browser" and send it to http://blablabla.whatever.com

I have a C++Builder4 and I have no idea how to do that. What component should I use and how?



  • Im not sure if this will work on C++ Bulider,

    but with my Visual C++, I can use something like

    the below. (I copied and pasted this from a

    previous reply I put here a while ago.)

    ShellExecute(/*handle_to_your_app_window*/, "open", "the_web_page", NULL, NULL, SW_SHOWMAXIMIZED);

    you will also need to #include shellapi.h

    Another interesting thing about this function is

    it will launch any file, so if you specified a

    file on a local drive in the "the_web_page" part,

    that file could be launched as well.

    Hope this helps,


  • Hehe, thanks...:) Works just fine...

    Just a little (very tiny) problem: I don't know the syntax for ShellExecute(...); What are these NULLs? Can you send me a ".hlp" file or at least the syntax with meanings...




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