an offer for a new "area" in the site

It is common knowledge that acquiring a skill requires practice,
and that perfecting that skill requires endless utilization of that skill.

I turn to you as the developers of a site that gathers many of the computer-related skills
(especially programming languages) in a request and an offer to found a new area in your
site which will be devoted to using and practicing these skills.
From my experience, after learning the basics of a programming language and not
writing any code for a while, the basics are lost or faded.
In my vision, this "practicing area" will contain programming assignments and challenges
of all levels and for all programming languages. The surfers will actively offer new
challenges and send their solutions to the existing challenges. A crew will receive the
solutions and will post the most efficient andor most elegant andor simpleststraight-forward.
It is also possible that all solutions will be published online, and that the surfers themselves
will choose the best solution (in each of the above catagories).

When the popularity of this "area" increases it will be possible to organize online contests,
in which a (difficult) challenge will be posted, and the participants will have a specific
amount of time to solve the challenge. The best solution that will be posted by the time is
over will win... something. (or: the first working solutions (=works for predetermined inputs
that will check problematic inputs) will be the winner).

Best regards,
Itamar O.


  • hello

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    Doing computer programming contests/challenges is a good idea, my only problem is that I have no resources/time to organize/manage a thing like that my self.

    But if there's anyone out there who would like to organize a thing like that on the site, then I would be able to add/support that to the site.

    Doing a online programming tests to measure your skills in different areas, is a thing that is planned to be added to the site after the summer.


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