I have just two questions...

1) I am new to working with the bitBlt() function and I was wondering if there is anyway that I could make it so that the background would not show up behind a picture. I have a bunch of stars in a picture box and I have a dragon in another picture box, and I am trying to learn how to make it so that you do not see the stars through the dragon.

2) I want to know an algorithom to simulate movement in space. I want to be able to have stars show up in my picture box and have them scroll downward to make it look like my dragon is moving forward- like screen scrolling.
I was hoping that maybe someone could either post how to do it, or direct me to a website or example of someone doing it there.

Thank you.


  • I think there are a few ways to do question two. The easy way to to save about three or four "stars" picutres. Then put them in your picture box one after another like frames in a motion picture.

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