reading+writing in BCB

I think this is quite a simple problem but I have racked my brains for a long time now over this problem- i know its just staring me in the face:)
Ok, i am making a security program that is an advanced version of my 16bit, its a 32bit program built in Borland C++ Builder. I was wondering how on earth you read from a file and put it in the text box. I have an edit box in an admin area on the program that displays the password the program will use. I have the actual password form looking at the edit box on the admin form for the password to use so you type it in and if the word is the same as in the admin form then the program will close. Where I ground myself is i need the password to be changed within the admin form and to keep it like that. I have worked out I could probably store it in a text file and then it can read from that text file, display the password in the admin form and then it will be changed for the actual password.
I know that could get quite confusing:) If you want me to sya it a bit simpler then just ask. I you could make out what i was babbling about and have an answer, well, thanks in advance
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