How do I install QT onto Linux-Mandrake 8.1?


I am trying to install QT 3.0 onto my Linux-Mandrake 8.1 box, but have this error.

Following the instructions I have unzipped and unpackaged the downloaded file.
Then renamed the 'qt-free-x113.0.3' folder to just 'qt'.
Then created the .profile login (as I use the Bash shell) and added the test as it is.
But when I run the 'configure' file (./configure), I get this error message:

[jon@dhcppc1 qt]$ ./configure
mv: cannot create regular file `qconfig.h-hold': Permission denied
./configure: /usr/local/qt/include/qconfig.h: Permission denied
mv: cannot create regular file `qmodules.h-hold': Permission denied
./configure: /usr/local/qt/include/qmodules.h: Permission denied
touch: creating `.test.qt.': Permission denied

The environment variable $QTDIR is not set correctly. It is currently
set to "", but it should be set to this directory,
which is "/usr/local/qt".

Please read the INSTALL file for instructions on how to set $QTDIR
correctly. If you have set $QTDIR in your .profile or .login, you
will need to log out and log in again to make the setting effective.

[jon@dhcppc1 qt]$

I presume the "permission denied" is because I wasn't in root, but when I have tried it in root, I have I still get the "enviroment variable isn't set" error. Any idea why?

Do I need to be in root anyway?

Please anyone reply asap, this is holding up my whole project if I can't get this to work?
Am I too much of a newbie to figure out why!? Is it something simple? Someone put me out of my misery!



  • Ive sorted it out now.
    The problem was, I got the impression from the QT installation notes that the Bash shell looked for a '.profile' file, but it doesn't does it. No, it looks for the '.bash_profile' file and thats where I put the text, saved it, logged out and ive just finished installing the whole thing this morning.

    Well chuffed!

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