Software Programmer Analyst - Lots of Experience

If you need a project done quickly or if you have a big project you need done, I am your coder

I have training in project management, project planning and everything else that is required to make projects that are well thought out and the customer knows exactly what they will get before any code is written.

Programming Experience:
5 Years VB
5 Years Graphic Designer
4 years Webpage Development
3 Years VB and DB (Access & SQL Server)
2 Years ASP
1 Year Java and C++
1 Year .NET (C#, VB.NET, Managed C++

One programmer solutions to any problems or projects you may have

all I got to say is
your satisfaction is guranteed
all projects will be well documented and easy to undresand

email me if you think I might be an asset to something you need done
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