Javascript popup windows are nice, if used properly (which this site does)
However, they can also be very annoying if they are abused (like a lot of other sites do)

The latest version of netscape has an option to disable these windows completely,
and I am currently using this feature.

This works fine for 99% of the sites I visit, but it gives me problems at PH,
I cannot access the "bookmarks" feature, "view current results" of the user surveys, etc.

So I vote "NO" to using popups in ANY webpages !!!


  • I am sorry that you can't view my popup's but at this moment I feel that its a necessary thing to make the site more usable.

    You can view the results of the survey's without the popup's here:

    but bookmarking a page without popup's are not possible at this point. Also it would be difficult to get both versions into the system. A solution could have been to have a settings in "my settings" section for administrate if you like popup's or not, but that's not on the agenda at this moment.

    Perhaps I could use some detection on your javascript capabilities, and I have to look into that.


  • Hopefully the next release of Netscape will have a fix for this.

    The problem is not so much with popups in general, but popups that
    execute from the body's "onLoad" attribute are the real nuisance.
    ( Thankfully, your site doesn't use these! )

    The next Netscape should be able to detect the difference,
    and only disable the "automatic" kind.

    Other than this one small problem, your new site is great !!!
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