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I'm using HTML Help Workshop to setup a help system in my VB project. My problem lies in the HTML Workshop and not on the VB side of it, so sorry to post this here but I'm sure this is an issue that most people who have set up help in vb have come across.
How do you link a Context ID to a bookmark. I am able to link it to the page by adding the following lines to the hhp file, but how do I get it to go directly to a bookmark?


-I did not use the two following lines because I don't know what they mean. Could my answer be something like "IDH_TestTopic1=(MyBookmark) esttopic1.htm" ? If so I haven't been able to figure out the syntax.

IDH_TestTopic1=htmlfiles esttopic1.htm
IDH_TestTopic2=mychm::htmlfiles esttopic2.htm

#define IDH_HomePage 1000
#define IDH_TestTopic1 1001
#define IDH_TestTopic2 1002

Thanks for your help,
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