Sound channels in QBasic?

Hello, World!

This is Dr. COM WIZ. As many of you know, I am in the midle of mass game development. I'll give a short description of my progress:

(Skip this if you're in a hurry)
My game fully suuports tile-by-tile scrolling (which I learned from Radiohands, but had to greatly improve his self-made technique), universal delays, fast controling, and the graphics are pretty good, thanks to a pixel art tutorial I ran into (very long and worthwhile). My greatest achievment on the game so far is real-time automatic tile animation--some of the graphics are animated. The water, for example, resembles a flowing river (not realistic, but smooth and professional). Items to be obtained can rotate, simulating 3D objects (which I am currently working on). I also have my chracter in the game, but I only made one frame for him so far, and will add more frames much later in development. My game uses no external files, thanks to 2 art programs that give the DATA for my graphics to be merged with the program (IDraw [QB version] and PixelPlus256 [the best QB art program known to man]).

(The important stuff lies here:)

One more thing I have to work on is sound. My sound will be generated with the PC internal speaker. I can play .wav files with Windows' Sound Recorder, but I'll save .wav sound for a later sequal. Right now, I'll just use QBasic's monophonic tones.

However, using the internal speaker brings many limits. To my knowledge it can only play one sound at a time and musical chords can only be simulated with progressive repeated speed notes (producing bubbly, organ-like sound), which not be played in the background of the program. But is that really so?

In the early 1980s, computer sound went from the above description to being able to use 3 sound channels in the PC internal speaker, almost as many channels as the Nintendo Entertainment System. Basically, this means that 3 different sounds can overlap and play at once. For games, this would make room for music with bass note melody AND game sound effects. When I tried to put game sound effects along with music in my game, it started to glitch badly, due to the limits in the sound buffer.

Though modern sound replaces internal speaker with surround stereo, I still have a feeling that multiple sound channels are possible with the modern PC internal speaker. When I get online, for example, I can hear multiple sounds overlapping each other to create stupid noises no one wants to hear. But the real questions is: is this possible with QBasic? If so, I can include music AND sound effects in my game, which will bring a better game to the QBasic community. So, do I really have to choose between music and sound or can I merge them without using the external speaker? PLEASE let me know!
This has been,
PS Thank you and goodnight!


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