COMPUTERIZED EXAM for Software testers from Ersasoft,

COMPUTERIZED EXAM for Software testers

 Interested in certification for CSQE or CSTE?
 Would you like to test your knowledge?
 Would you like to update your knowledge on software testing and QA?
How will this new software help you find more recruits?" (job, pass exams)
You will know more than 400 answers on questions from CSQE or CSTE exams and from real job interviews. You will have Web, Unix and Testing glossary 15$ value.

In this constantly changing business environment, your success depends on staying on top of technology and ahead of the competition. ERSASOFT can help.
Download a 60-question evaluation copy of the program with a Q&A and testing dictionaries, all for free.
More than 400 questions in the full version for only $30 US.

Topics covered:
 Testing
 QA
 Internet
 Programming and database fundamentals
 Networking basics

Visit us at and get the trial version. Go > products > shareware
For Win 98, NT, Win 2000,

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