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I have a CGI program that outputs a bunch of Checkmark boxes from data on a drive. At the bottom of the page I have a reset button. Now if I click on checkmarks at this point then the reset button works and clears the form but if the checkmarks were set to be checked from the CGI program the reset button does not uncheck those. Also if the user wants to save the page IE says that this page may not save correctly and it does not save it right? I ended up makeing a button at the bottom of the page that clears all the checkmarks in the CGI program and reloads the page but I would like for it to work correctly. Does anyone know why it behaves like this? I am using C++ for the CGI exe. Thanks...


  • Hi,

    So far as I know, the Reset button actually sets the form as it was when the page was loaded, and doesn't clear it fully. So if you load a page and the textbox has a value "fred" then you change it, then press reset, "fred" will be in the box again. You could make a button with some JavaScript in it that clears all the text boxes though, if that is what you wanna do.

    Hope this sheds some light on things... :)


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