Kernel - User Space communication

Hi again. Seems like I'm the only one writing at this board.

And to Webmaster if he reads this... You promised to make me moderator month ago and I've answered to several email from you but still no moderator status or am I missing something???

Ok. To my problem. I'm working with this Ndis Intermediate driver in Windows CE 3.0. I have implemented communication mechanism that uses UDP packets between driver and user-space software and it works fine. Now I have problem because my driver mess up connection to TCPIP for some reason and of course those UDP packets wont move.

I was thinking that since driver is DLL I could dynamically link it with calling LoadLibrary and call exported function in it to check out it's state. Well for some reason LoadLibrary failes everytime. Does anyone have an idea how I can make communication channel without using UDP packets? I only need to pass little struct to driver and it puts output to log file but how?
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