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I have a database that was recently upsized to SQL 7. The front end is still in Access 2000. All of the tables are linked. However for optimizing speed, etc. I am trying to convert some of the queries to passthru queries. Problem is, there is one linked table from another database that is on the same server that the queries call from so I get an error in the passthru query saying it can't find the table. Is there any way around this? Thanks.

SELECT people.FirstName, people.LastName, people.Address, people.City, people.State, people.Zip, Pledge.PledgeDate, Pledge.PledgeType, Pledge.PledgeAmount
FROM Pledge INNER JOIN people ON Pledge.PeopleID = people.PeopleID;

People is the table that is linked. Is there ANY way to call this table from another database in a passthru query? Thanks for your help.

P.S. There are two other databases that also have this 'people' table linked.


  • I'm a little confused. Is the linked database also on SQL? On another server?

    If it is on another SQL server, there is a SQL function to link databases.

    If not in SQL, can you import it into SQL, or does it change too often for that to be practical?


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