Like Salsa Music? Listen Free..

Hi boys and girls,
L.A. Carpool is a Band in the genre of Salsa/Pop (a new one to describe us) We utilize elements of Salsa, Rock, English lyrics and spanish Background vocals. We're Latin and all other things rhythmic including Latin/Jazz. for a feel of us listen to Salsa Inferno free at (the song was used as background on the CBS TV show "First Monday" premier. ) or Maybe Mi Guajira is more to your liking. Our version of "Do It Again" the Steely Dan classic has recieved raves from many listeners, but in anyevent as we prepare to release our third single you'll join the more than 650,000 netizens who have rocked out to our music. And by the way, we love e-mails and answer them all


L.A. Carpool by Jack

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