Senior programmers needed (Voice Recognition/Middleware)

We are looking for programmers and possibly CTO level for an up and coming software company in the Bay area. This company is well funded with realistic goals. The base products are ready, but fine tuning is needed. So we will be looking for strong API knowledge.

The Client will be migrating from Aculabs to NMS and need skills with the conversion utilizing the SS7 , Voip and fax. Apparently they have the Telephony, PRI, ISDN pieces.
They must understand the NMS API set exhibit skill and previous migration work.

Speech Recognition-
Using L&H Comprehension , transcription, dictation. MOVING to Phillips Must know the Phillips software APIs as well.

Text to Speech-
Might go to AT&T for this.
Someone who knows the AT&T Text to Speech technology. Speaker verification- a Novea Novea API set

Hp Openview- Admin Pluggins that talk to NT Cluster .
The platform is NT with SQL server and MSMQ, MTS.this person should have experience with Outlook, Email, synchronization

So key things are Aculabs, NMS, L&H, NOVEA, Phillips Apis and Voice over IP , SS7

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