html page reloading in the netscape browser!

After inserting data from a cgi file ,into the html page, the page should be reloaded automatically such that the data appears on it.
But , when on using the refresh option (META tag) , it does not work!
It works in Internet Explorer But not in Netscape!
Can anyone help out!


  • hello again :)

    I remembered another way of doing it that should work on netscape. If only the broswers could live in harmony



    incase your new to html, that IS the body tag so there is no need to put a [b][/b] tag before or infront of that.

  • Thax again,
    But , it does not work !
    I am actually putting some data into a html page thro a cgi page.
    This data on the html page is seen, only when u reload it manually.
    The meta tag, & many other ideas failed.
    & yeah , i am using netscape browser!
    Ok, thax & if any more ideas, ur help is always welcome!

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