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Is there s way using the date$ statement to make a program not run after a certain date? Can I convert the date$ variable into a non-string variable to compare it with another numerical variable? Also is there a statement that will print text to a specific area on the screen so that my output of different sizes will have a formatted look? Thanks for your help before, you guys are great.


  • You CAN change a date string to a numeric. I use this method

    datadate$ = DATE$ gives 02-16-2002

    DIM NumYear AS LONG
    DIM NumDate AS LONG

    NumYear = VAL(RIGHT$(DataDate$,4) (2002)
    NumMonth = VAL(LEFT$(DataDate$,2) (2)
    NumDay = VAL(MID$(DataDate$,4,2) (16)

    NumYear = NumYear * 10000 (20020000)
    NumMonth = NumMonth * 100 (200)

    NumDate = NumYear + NumMonth + NumDay (20020216)

    Now suppose you want to find if this date falls between 1st April 1955 and 31st March 1960. This is done by converting these two dates to a number in a similar way and comparing the three numbers.

    IF NumDate > 19550401 AND NumDate < 19600331 THEN
    END IF

    As the date is now a number you can do what you want with it.

    To stop the program running you can use

    If NumDate > 20020601 THEN END

    I know it's self advertisement but you can find more stuff on dates, including a perpetural calandar, on my site at

  • That code helped me understand exactly how to do it, and with some changes to my program it worked perfectly, thank you very much for the info.
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