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Hello everyone,
I'm rather new to linux and I have a couple questions. I'm having trouble installing software! I use SuSE Linux 7.3 Personel, and I want to install EveryBuddy or Gabber and Kmud. I use KDE. Could anyone help me please? Thank you.



  • What exactly is the problem? I just checked EveryBuddy's page and it has good instructions to follow.

    If you're using the RPM you can just use "rpm -Uvh everybuddy-*-i386.rpm" as root in the directory of the file to install it (type "su" and then the root password to become root). If you have a RPM installer tool (KDE should, but I'm not using it now, so I can't check) it can even make it simpler.

    If you're using the tarball do this:
    Open a terminal and go to the directory it's in.
    Use "tar xvzf ./everybuddy-*.tar.gz" to extract it.
    Go into the directory it creates.
    Type "./configure" and wait.
    If it tells you that you need something, download that and install it.
    Otherwise, type "make".
    Wait for a while, then type "su" and your root password afterwards.
    Now type "make install".
    Exit root, and try using it.
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