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CSIS 231 Computing Theory II

Project Name: STATISTICS

CSIS 255 Advanced C++ Programming

Write a program using template functions that reads a list of numbers from a file that the user can specify at runtime that will analyze the numbers and print the following statistics:

Count of numbers in the list

Minimum value in the list

Maximum value in the list

Average or Mean

Median Value

Standard Deviation

Use functional decomposition to separate the job into reusable template functions.

Load Save Sort Add

Display StandardDeviation

Minimum Maximum Median Mean

Put all of the above functions in a file called Array.h

The main function, as before will be in main.cpp

Dynamically allocate the array that stores the numbers so that no memory is wasted.

Have the program display the list of numbers on the screen in a matrix format in column major order and pause.

Sort and re-display the numbers on the screen in the same matrix format in column major order at the same location and pause.

Output the summary information after displaying the sorted list.

Output the sorted list into a file with a filename entered by the user at runtime.

To turn in your assignment leave a copy of your work on your login drive(M:) in a folder called STATISTICS. I need the source code file MAIN.CPP the header file ARRAY.H and the executable file called STATISTICS.EXE.

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