Controlling X Windows from script ???

I am currently working on an automated testing project that involves controlling X Windows user interface. We are trying to figure out the most efficient and least invasive way of doing this.

Ideally we would like to be able to activate X events and capture widget images from a scripted language. This would include activating an X event, i.e. pressing a button, verifying that the resulting action is performed, i.e. was the menu created, and capturing an image of the menu.

This language will then be formatted in such a way that we can easily write testsuits.

The system uses FVWM2 and applications are built using Motif libraries.

Any one have experience with such work, or know where to find good resources for this project???


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    There are tools to compare by bitmaps. Rational, Mercury Interactive and more. These tools aren't cheap though but give you also tools to record, play and compare (exported text to file, bitmap by bitmap and report tools).

    Need more info? -I could give you more, if you think they can help you.


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