Looking for OS

I'm looking for free, Open Source, SMALL, may be with or without GUI, multitasking OS for PC (no FreeBSD).

The reason I wont a small open source OS is I wont to learn how an os load a real EXE and then do the multitasking (I know the theory but I whant to see it as a source).

If you know one please post a reply. Thanks


  • Its funny that you say no FreeBSD and post in here. However I have already answered this question in the Linux board.

    There are many small OS's only done for the process of learning by various induviduals. One nice one is the minix which is used for teaching OS system concepts.

    This is another one

    IMHO very readable code and simplicity is maintained in it.

  • Yes I know it's funny but I readed on FreeBSD and since it is also used for commercial so it's not so simple

    I saw minix and it's a small OS but still to complicated (many inicializations I don't understand, and the comment are /* inicializing $?$%!$#!$%? */ )

    I know many OS are done to show how to build an OS and that's why I'm looking for one of them

    Thanks a lot, I think http://gaztek.sourceforge.net/osdev/ is what I was looking for

    P.S. What is IMHO ?
  • :P.S. What is IMHO ?

    In my humble opinion :-)

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