Windows programming

We have many highly skilled programmers that are willing to assist with coding issues, assumeing there not homework... :) And a vast middle ground of people with varried levels of experience all willing to help. There are also those of us that just hang bits of code together & then celebrate if our computer doesn't explode when we run them.

  • Networking And Security

    Welcome to all of those peoples who wants to get rid of their Networking and Security problems Related to windows
  • Windows 2003 Server

    This messageboard is for everybody who wants to share thier brilliant ideas, skills, talents and many more about the Windows 2003 server.This board is for you!!!
  • Windows Vista

    In this forum we discuss for Windows Vista and its new features including XAML, Avalon, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), WinFX....
  • Windows XP

    Questions about windows XP. You shold come here if you have problems with windows XP and so on. This board cam take up problems with windows Xp and help you to solve them...

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