Visual Basic

This is the Programmers Heaven official Visual Basic messageboard for all kind of Visual Basic postings. Got a VB problems? Then this is the board to post your problems to!
  • Access databases and VB

    This is a messageboard where we are going to disscuss about problems with Microsoft Access and Visual Basic.If you have any problem like that,post it here and we will answer to you as soon as possible!Access is one of the best database systems and we need to explore it as much as we can!
  • Advance Visual Basic

    This is place to share you experience, not for totally newbie,if you know basic programming in visual basic or you are advance programmer then you can message here and get soloution for most of your problems.
  • Beginner VB

    I used to use this site when I first started programming, and found it very usefull. If you are a newbie to VB come here and either I will try and help you out or someone else will be kind enough to help you out.

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