Programming Languages

  • Assembler Developer

    Share your expertise. See my Compiler at . Sorry for my bad english
  • Basic

    Discussing the Basic programming language. For some popular versions of the language there are more specific forums, including QBasic, Visual Basic and VB.Net.
  • C and C++

    Post here all of your C/C++ programming questions. There are no skill, platform or compiler restrictions.
  • C#

    Discuss the C# programming language and usage of it.
  • Delphi and Kylix

    Delphi discussion board. Post all your questions about delphi right here. Please keep the messages as short as possible and use the style codes for code ([code] and [/code])... Have fun!
  • Haskell

    haskell programming language
  • Java

    Discussion about all kinds of programming in Java, from beginners to advanced.
  • Pascal

    For questions related to programming in Pascal on any platform. Just please make sure you read the forum rules before posting to avoid any problems.
  • Perl

    Discuss the Perl programming language, ask questions and post your latest beautiful obsfucations and code poetry. ;-)
  • PHP

    You can ask all your PHP related questions at this board.
  • Python

    Discussion of all things Pythonic. Whether you're new or you're an elite Pythonista, we welcome your input and questions.
  • Ruby

    Post here all your Ruby related questions. We will try to ask all of them... There is no skill, platform or compiler restrictions
  • VB.NET

    For Visual Basic.NET topics
  • VBA

    Discuss programming in Visual Basic for Applications, as found in Microsoft Office, here.
  • Visual Basic

    This is the Programmers Heaven official Visual Basic messageboard for all kind of Visual Basic postings. Got a VB problems? Then this is the board to post your problems to!
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