Computer Graphics

These forums are used to discuss computer graphics formats and APIs. If you want better help when relating to a specific API such as DirectX or OpenGL, use the correct sub-forum.
  • 3D Graphics

    This forum is for discussing 3D programming that isn't related to a specific API. This includes ray-tracing, collision-detection, and other such topics. This does NOT include DirectX or OpenGL topics. Please post those questions in the DirectX and/or OpenGL forums.
  • DirectX

    This messageboard is for you who are interested in discussing programming computer graphics using the DirectX graphics libraries. If you have questions about 3D math post in the 3D graphics forum. If you need help with OpenGL please post in the OpenGL forum.
  • OpenGL

    This forum is used for discussing the OpenGL API. If you have questions about 3D math, please post in the 3D graphics forum. If you have questions about DirectX or Direct3D, please post in the DirectX forum.

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