C and C++

Post here all of your C/C++ programming questions. There are no skill, platform or compiler restrictions.
  • Beginner C/C++

    This messageboard is for anyone with a syntax or simple logical problem. For beginner C/C++ questions. Advanced users are welcome to answer and help/share.
  • C/C++ on Linux/Unix

    Anything related to C/C++ programming in Linux/Unix.
  • C/C++ Windows API

    Everything related to C/C++ program development in Windows, using the Windows API.
  • C++ Builder

    This board is to answer any questions or comments anyone may have related to C++ Builder.
  • C++ Game Development

    Everything related to game programming in C/C++.
  • C++ MFC

    Anything MFC related.
  • C++.NET

    Here we discuss C++ development on the .NET framework/platform.
  • Embedded C/C++

    This forum should be used by anyone developing embedded systems using C/C++ as a programming language (combined with assembler).
  • Visual C++

    Everything related to C/C++ programming in Microsoft Visual Studio.

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