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Get your own niche web site within your area of expertise and benefit from an existing user base, exceeding 500k+ registered users, on Programmer's Heaven - a PR 7 web site. Great for building repution within your field and create a sustainible revenue stream at the same time.

Dear all,

The history of Programmer's Heaven dates back to 1997, making it to one of the very first web sites dedicated to programmers, developers and other tech-savvy people using the forum format.

After the latest change, to finally get rid of our legacy platform for running community forums, the main site runs on a hosted Vanilla platform. The migration is in its final phase - sorting out all redirects and handling the last bits in making sure all content and resources are still available. A "welcome back" mailshot to the 500k+ registered user base is a week or two away.

Basicallly everything will remain the same but with a smoother and more stable platform along with a nicer looking front-end, but all web sites need evolution. Please see it as an invite if you like to be a part and contribute. In terms of monetary compensation, most likely as revenue share, it will probably not compete with a full time position but could provide some additional income (and honestly a few hundred dollars extra in the US is not going to make a huge difference but in some countries it certainly can) and equally or more important a platform to gain presence and reputation on the web as an expert. I am listing a few thoughts as bullets below.

- Microsites. In our context Microsites will be niche sites covering one specific topic or area, pretty much equal to our categories on Programmer's Heaven. Let's take Java as an example. We would create the microsite as a subdomain - and together decide what we want to accomplish with the microsite. In order to qualify for running the Java site, you will need above-averege skills in Java and descent communications skills in English. My guess is that we would structure the site as an "Intro to Java", especially targeting beginners; "How to learn Java", in general but also promote distance learning courses that are proven good; "When to use Java", with different examples explaining the pros and cons with Java; "Talent pools around Java", ranging from users that want to create show-case profile pages to different ways to find and source people skilled in Java on the web; "The about page"; as the manager/Java-Editor, this will be your page to form and glow - either laid-back or almost like a landing page to promote you and your skills within Java; "Guest posts", there are industry articles that need to be published, if they are well written and interesting we would be happy to publish them. Industry articles could also be mixed with posts in the Q&A interview format addressing questions to successful Java teams or prominent individual Java developers that want to share their stories - with an interesting angle, the father of Java, James Gosling, might share some of his stories. And of course, a good way to promote and interact with the user generated pages within the Java category on the main site and be of assistance to structure that section - new relevant sub/child categories, user engagement and retention etc. This should give you an idea, please contact me if this fits your profile and we can see if we can get started within your particular expertise (and just to be clear, Java as a microsite was just an example). And don't be reluctant to contact me if your expertise is to be found in a category not yet created on Programmer's Heaven.

- Secondly, we are open for ideas on how to integrate a "career graph" starting on Programmer's Heaven. If this works out well, it will be spun-off but still remain as a key integrated member feature on the Programmer's Heaven web site. In more detail, I think it would be cool for many people to add an extension to their public LinkedIn profile where they could set career objectives (realistic but also beyond - such as relocation to another country and work for "dream" company X as Y) and benefit from input from specialists at selected recruitment companies in exchange for contact details and their current "job status" - basically if they would consider new job opportunities in general or if they are only looking for very specific opportunities - set location, pay grade x, certain incentives etc. Even though transparancy is a major trend on the web, this kind of delicate information would only be in the hands of highly trusted recruiters and career advisors for obvious reasons. Unicorn Top Talent is the working title of the project. Please get in touch for more info and details.

Please use the message system on Programmer's Heaven to contact me (it only takes a few seconds to sign up for an account if you don't have one yet).


Lars Hagelin

About Lars Hagelin

Lars is a media and gaming entrepreneur that has his main focus, besides Programmer's Heaven, as CEO of FunRock Inc, a mobile games company, that is preparing its main title, "Rivality: Zombie Attack" - an MMO game in the strategy genre, for launch in app stores during first quarter 2014. Given Lars' background, as a video- and computer games executive, he is very keen to find ways to build bridges between the gaming industry and Programmer's Heaven. Google


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