how to view files uploaded in mysql?

hello there...
im developing a system currently.
i have this button which enables user to upload a file into mysql server.
after uploading, user can view the files uploaded by clinking on the file name.

i have done with uploading button, and it works nicely.
but i did not find a way to do the view function.

anyone has any idea?


  • Let's be sure that this is understood right.

    You have a file upload form and processing the form is writing the files on hard disk on the server. You are not writing file contents into the database, right? That would be quite unconventional, if you were.

    You want a way to list the files that have been uploaded, right? If you're writing files to a specific folder, you can use PHP's readdir function to iterate through all files in that directory. This is most likely what you want and uploading to a specific directory that is used exclusively for uploads would be a great way to organize the information.

  • This post has been deleted.
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