3D shapes in Visual Basic - help!

Hi all!
I'm a brand new user of Visual Basic and so far i've used it to design some generic 3D shapes (eg cones, cylinders etc.) and to display them in 2D to make things a bit simpler, ie in 3 views (top, front, side).

I want my 3d shapes to be thought of as solid volumes by the program, which means that any two 3D shapes must not share any points in space. I have verified that when i translate this in top-side-front 2D views, it is only necessary for 1 of these views to show that the 3D shapes don't "touch".

I have heard of a command called "clipping" which tells you whether a point (x,y,z) is inside or outside a shape or not. Anybody know anything about that? Does this work in 2D or 3D? Any other ideas?

Thanx everyone

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