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i need to know how to make virus in c++........



  • 3y3ty3y3ty Member Posts: 15
    Hello newbies,
    a house full of toxic waste...
    Give me convenience or give me death!

    A virus is a program file infector, it is either resident
    (captures INT 21h vector) or non-resident (uses findfirst findnext).
    To be able to construct a binary image which could tag itself
    to the end of executables it must be coded in assembly,
    for changing its offset in the binary image will change
    the offsets of its variables.
    There is a technique around this.

    To get the difference to calculate
    the offsets of your variables do this:
    call mytrick
    pop bp
    sub bp,offset mytrick

    Then to access your variables:
    mov dx,[bp+offset var]

    Simply encode a 3-byte near jmp instruction using as a displacement
    the unsigned size of the host file in bytes.
    Copy the first three bytes of the binary image (*.com) and replace it
    with your jump at 100h and place the virii code at the end of the
    host binary image.

    More complex viruses can be created that interpret the .EXE file header.

    Making your virus polymorphic:
    Simple! Decrypt your encrypted code with a known key, execute,
    generate a new key, store the new key in your programs data area,
    re-encrypt the decrypted portion,write new encryption back where
    the original encryption was stored,and overwrite your own programs
    executable with the changes.

    We hate mind-control,
    we are words...
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